Spring Updates

I would really like to have a few litters soon but that has proved fruitless :) The ladies have their own mindset about things. My newest English Lop has had two litters that she has lost to the cold. She had them outside of her nestbox (a common first time mom mistake). Usually they start to smarten up and I’m hopeful about her next litter in April. The Velveteen lop meanwhile proved to be a false pregnancy. She is a good mom and with the warming weather and increased sunshine I expect I will have no trouble rebreeding her. I have enjoyed cutting back my stock to 7 rabbits as I like (over)spoiling them. I have switched around my feeding system and have added Sherwood’s Forest Rabbit Food Supplement as their pellet source (great stuff! check them out here). I am starting to feed fodder to them as well (which also helps reduce feed costs) alongside their normal big bunch of timothy hay they get everyday.

Click here to read more about what fodder is!

The coming year

With a saddened heart I’m announcing I’m getting out of the rabbit world. I have not been able to give them the attention I would like (life!). While I will keep a few of my rabbits as pets, most of my stock is available for sale. I do have two litters due next week so I still will have rabbits for another few months. Please facebook or email me to inquire about any rabbit you may like. I will be attending the PaSRBA so transport is available to Lebanon, PA on 2/7/15.

Happy 2015!

I’ve streamlined the site alittle for this year. The for sale page and nestbox pages are no longer divided into breeds but just list them all together. I also updated these pages for new available babies for sale and upcoming litters! The goals for this year include focusing on the less is more mentality. I will be focusing solely on chocolates and tris for the velveteens as well as breeding to the new approved standards (thanks to Lorrie Stilleo’s hard work the solid variety is well on its way to becoming an official ARBA breed). The new standards include a larger ear span of 15″ and a slightly bigger rabbit as well. For the English lops I as well will be focusing on increasing my overall size in stock and arch over the top. Have a Hoppy New Year!

On Baby Wild Rabbits

After a nest of baby bunnies was found in my father’s alfalfa field after cutting, I’ve now been officially privy to the world of raising wild rabbits. I was lucky and had a doe currently nursing a litter so my job was easy although still only 1 baby out of 5 survived. He was named Wildling. And he is definitely different. He tends to keep to himself versus hanging out with his adopted litter-mates even though you would think he wouldn’t know the difference. He is okay with being handled but it seems he would prefer not to. It’s a testament to how many generations it takes to actually domesticate an animal to the point where humans are more friend than foe. While he definitely would have not survived if he had not been fostered, I do always recommend wild animals stay wild. It is their birthright to live that way and part of me will always feel I’m selling him short as a domesticated rabbit. Will he ever be fully rehabilitated? I’m not quite sure. Nature always continues to amaze me.


Quick update

Just a quick update till I can fine tune my website pages (I need to duplicate myself). Here are sone pictures of the current litters and some new additions. The only Velveteen Lop not available that is pictured here is the tri baby. They are ready for new homes next week. The English Lop litter has 6 babies. I will be only keeping a few from this litter as well and a few are already spoken for but people always back out so feel free to inquire on any rabbit. I only have 1 wild rabbit baby still surviving so she will stay with the rabbitry as a mascot. The other picture is of a pretty black tort doe from Barnes Bunny Barn that joined us recently. Her name is Artemis. Besides the Velveteen Lop and English Lop babies I also have a 5 month old English Lop chestnut buck for sale. His father is a chocolate chestnut agouti and he could possibly carry the chocolate gene when bred to a carrier female. This color is very rare in English Lops still.
Below is a list of rabbits currently for sale and a list of ones possibly available.
English Lops:
BB’s Oakie-Black chestnut agouti buck, DOB 4/22/14, tattoo MR1, 8.5 lbs with 22.5″ ears at 5 months. $100
Mattie (blue) x Frosted Luck (broken black frosted pearl) litter, prices to be determined, 8 weeks on 10/21/14. They will be between $60-$100.
Blue tort doe
Blue tort buck
Broken blue tort buck
Broken orange doe?
Opal doe
Opal buck
Velveteen Lops:
BB’s Fiddy: tri buck, 10″ ears at 5 weeks-keeping
BB’s Biddy: black buck, 10.5″ ears at 5 weeks-sold? $55
BB’s Diddy: broken chestnut agouti buck, 10.5″ ears-available $55
BB’s Giddy: broken chestnut agouti buck, 10.5″ ears-available $55
BB’s Iddy: broken black buck, 10″ ears-available $55
BB’s Kiddy: broken black doe, 10″ ears-available $65
BB’s Liddy: broken chestnut agouti doe, 10.5″ ears-available $65















Spring cleaning

Finally got everything updated on the site (whew!). New litters are posted as well as rabbits available for sale. You will see a few adults for sale as well. I have a small amount of cages and I’m not looking to expand in the near future which means I have to make some ‘cuts’ to ensure I’m using the best possible stock I have available. I have a few young babies for sale as well, please feel free to message me at bellasbunniesrabbitry@gmail.com or on facebook if you’re interested.


Baby english lop at 3 weeks

It’s nice to have some great weather finally and the bunnies are enjoying getting some munch time on the lawn. The young babies are adorable (as always) and its nice to finally have some English Lop kits, its been since last summer! I mean, look at that adorable little thing to the left! So fuzzy and cute :)

I will be keeping some of the babies and adding a new English Lop orange doe from Robin Hurz of Robin’s Backyard Bunnies. She is who I originally got my Velveteen Lop stock from a few years ago now and she has some great quality buns for anyone who’s in the market! This doe will be replacing Pokerface. English Lops peak at about 2 years for breeding so Pokerface has earned her retirement. She adds quite the character to the bunny barn (a true diva). Mattie as well is just too small for my limited space and while she has been a great mom I ultimately want animals that I can show and breed.

Check out the nestbox pages, breed pages and the for sale pages above to see all the new additions and updates!



Baby Velveteen lop at 3 weeks